We can issue you the VIN number and paperwork and VIN label to get your homebuilt bike or trike for state title and registration. This is 100% guaranteed. If for some reason your DMV refuses to accept the paperwork, simply return the MCO (our title) for a 100% refund.

We will get you a VIN number and we ship you (by Priority US Mail) the MCO; bill-of-sale; odometer statement; and VIN label of course and also all of the paperwork that your DMV or tag agency will need including an MCO (manufacturers title) from us ; a bill-of-sale from us showing you purchased the cart from us ; an odometer statement (this is just a formality typically required by DMVs for all new vehicles, we typically put something like 27 miles on this form) ;

We issue a VIN, VIN label, MCO (manufacturer's title), bill-of-sale, odometer statement, .... everything you need to title and reg in your state.

The total cost for everything is $499 and the service time including delivery is just a few days - and that is 100% guaranteed.

Also, be aware that your state DMV will charge you for the state title and registration and will probably charge you a sales tax on the cart based on the "price" we put on your "receipt" for buying the cart from us. You might not want a high price in order to keep the sales tax down that they charge you down, but obviously a ridiculously low price will not be accepted by them.... typically we put down something like $3500 but let us know below.

FYI re odometer statement. You do NOT need an odometer but you will probably need an odometer statement at DMV - it is standard. I usually just put down something low like 27 miles.

Just get me the info below and I will invoice you by email. The invoice will be though PayPal but you can pay withOUT a PayPal account, just using a credit card.

Here is the info I need (You can email to or text to 602-350-4537)

1) a few photos of the bike - especially a clear, full-full-frame side shot

2) engine size:

___ DISPLACEMENT and ___ HP... a good guess is fine.

3) color

4) Buyer name, address, phone number

5) price you want on the bill-of-sale (your DMV/tag agency will probably charge a sales tax)

You can email to

or text to 602-350-4537


Email me at
or call me at 602-350-4537